Zipform Purchase Agreement

The law exempts all single-family homes from the requirements of the topa (D.C Official Code 2001 ed., as amended, § 42- 3404.01 et seq.). The law provides an exception for rental housing occupied by elderly or disabled tenants who, if they meet certain criteria, are entitled to a limited possibility of purchase. GCAAR has updated and revised the following forms to be used in accordance with the new law – GCAAR Form 1313, District of Columbia Jurisdictional Disclosure and Addendum to the Sales Contract GCAAR Form 1380, Ten lease Addendum for the District of Columbia (Single-Family Accommodation) GCAAR Form 1381, Ten lease Addendum for the District of Columbia (2-4 Units) GCAAR Form DCDHCD, Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) GCAAR Form, #1341, “Buyer Agency Agreement” New language OBJECTIVE: This Agreement (“Agreement”) establishes 1) a brokerage relationship (“Brokerage Relationship”), an agency relationship between Buyer and Broker, and 2) contractual obligations (“Contractual Obligations”) between Buyer and Broker in which Broker has the exclusive right to represent Buyer under the terms set forth herein. 5. TERM: This Agreement begins upon signature and ends at 11:59 p.m. .m. on_________ (“Expiration Date”), unless renewed in writing or terminated in advance as provided herein. If a purchase contract is concluded by the buyer before the expiry date, which provides that payment must be made after that date, this agreement will be automatically renewed until payment has been made or until the purchase contract is approved in writing by the parties. TERMINATION: A.

Washington, DC: This Agreement may only be terminated prior to the Expiration Date by mutual written agreement of both parties. B. Maryland: 1). The brokerage relationship established by this Agreement may be terminated unilaterally prior to the Expiration Date by either party by providing the other party with ____ days` notice in advance (GCAAR form “Notice of Termination of Brokerage Relationship”). The termination of the brokerage relationship does not release the buyer from his financial obligations to the broker. 2). Even if the brokerage relationship is terminated under the above conditions, the contractual obligations remain in full force and effect, unless terminated by mutual written consent of all parties (GCAAR form “Termination of the Buyer`s Agency Contract”). In addition, the provisions of paragraph 4.B (“Protection Period”) will survive even if this Agreement is terminated prematurely. NEW Form GCAAR #1347, “Termination of Brokerage Notice Only” This new form allows each party to the agreement to adequately notify the other party and inform them of what this notice does and does not do. It ends the brokerage “agency” relationship. This requires the broker to remove the sign from the yard and remove the property from the SIRM.

It does not terminate the contractual obligations defined in any of the agreements, whether it is the registration contract or the buyer`s agency contract. NEW GCAAR FORM #1348, “Termination of the buyer agency contract” This new form allows the parties to terminate the contractual obligations of the buyer agency contract. It determines and agrees on the amount for which the buyer may be liable, confirms the termination of the brokerage relationship and maintains the terms of the period of protection in force and in full effect. A contract to buy and sell residential real estate in Indiana is a legally binding contract between a seller and a buyer of residential real estate. This contract covers all elements of the sale of the property, including price, condition of ownership, inspections, closing conditions, rights and obligations of both parties, among other important conditions. Both parties must sign the contract, but only after the seller has accepted the buyer`s offer and all the conditions have been agreed. The seller is also required to provide the buyer with a disclosure form listing the various material defects and relevant information about the property. The new law requires that certain people who own escrow money (including securities companies and lawyers) have a written agreement with the buyer and seller.

The agreement must include the following information: the amount of escrow money offered and the date on which the trust agent received it; the fact that the fiduciary agent notifies the parties if there is no money for the cheque; and the conditions under which the trust agent may release the money. The law does not apply to real estate companies that already have legal requirements. C.A.R. San Francisco (SFCA) Library SFCA is a library of standard C.A.R. forms specifically for the local San Francisco market. The library contains a San Francisco-focused purchase agreement, as well as forms that reflect local prescriptions and disclosures. The property and everything associated with it is sold without privilege, with the exception of loans taken over by the buyer. The seller signs all affidavits, waivers of lien and other documents required by the lender, settlement agent or government agency, and authorizes the settlement agent to receive payment or acceptance information from existing lenders. The way in which ownership is taken over can have significant legal and tax consequences.

The buyer is advised to seek appropriate professional advice regarding how to take possession. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Seller will pay for all special assessments and comply with all orders or notices of violation from any district or local authority, cooperative or agreement-based legal actions, against or affecting the co-operative on the settlement date. The parties authorize and direct the settlement agent to provide a copy of the closing disclosure to the seller, buyer, registration company, sales company, cooperative, moving company and/or third party payers included in the disclosure of the financial statements. In addition to the conforming amendments, the following sentence has been added to the “Recognition Agreement” section of Part II: The Aztec form of the recognition agreement is not approved for the Maryland and DC AIR CRE Contract Library The AIR CRE Contract Library contains 57 forms required for a business transaction. This add-on library allows you to easily and easily access commercial real estate forms from any computer at any time without having to worry about tokens. Fannie Mae Forms Library This library contains 6 forms used by Fannie Mae in a purchase transaction to include the Real Estate Purchase Addendum and Owner Occupant Certification. Amendments related to the Maryland Brokers Act: Form GCAAR #909, “Montgomery County Jurisdictional Addendum” Form GCAAR #910, “Registration Agreement” Form GCAAR, #1341, “Buyer`s Agency Agreement” NEW FORM GCAAR #1347, “Notice of Termination of Brokerage Contract Only” NEW FORM GCAAR #1348, “Termination of Buyer`s Agency Agreement” NEW Form GCAAR #1349, “Termination of Registration Agreement” REMOVED GCAAR Form #918, “Withdrawal from the Market” Maryland Broker`s Act requires, that each party must be able to terminate the “brokerage relationship” (brokerage relationship means agency relationship only), but that this would not terminate the contractual obligations formed by the registration contract and the buyer`s agency contract. GCAAR has modified our forms so that our members can easily understand Maryland`s right to terminate the brokerage relationship, explain it to buyers and sellers, and have a clear mechanism in place so that the parties can properly send notice to the other party who wishes to terminate the brokerage relationship and properly terminate the contractual obligations. GCAAR Form #909, “Montgomery County Jurisdictional Addendum” New Language Termination: The brokerage relationship established by this Agreement may be terminated unilaterally before the end of the Registration Period by either party notifying the other party ___ days in advance (GCAAR Notice of Termination of Brokerage Relationship). .