TeleHealth and its Benefits

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TeleHealth and its Benefits

The use of technology has given a whole new dimension to the global business world. So much so that businesses across the globe have embraced digitization to its fullest. The Healthcare sector too hasn’t looked back while embracing digitization. A solid example of this is the rapid growth observed in TeleHealth.

What is TeleHealth?

TeleHealth is defined as the delivery of healthcare services over a distance with the use of technology. The traditional way of visiting a doctor in person is slowly giving way to virtual doctor consultation where computers, smart phones and other new digital technologies support the medical professional in diagnosing and treating a patient. The on-going period of global pandaemic where doctors across the world have adopted the virtual approach is a standing example of the preference given to TeleHealth. TeleHealth has redefined healthcare as now, doctors can now speak to the patient in real time over computers or smartphones. There are some more attractive benefits of TeleHealth that have grabbed the attention of medical experts and patients alike.

Benefits of TeleHealth

TeleHealth has brought in huge relief to patients and healthcare providers in the form of veryuseful benefits. Some of them include:

  • Cost Savings
  • More Convenient in reaching high quality medical care to the rural sectors
  • Helps in offering quick medical care to people with mobility limitations
  • Medical experts across the globe can be contacted for experts opinion and advice regarding a patient’s medical condition
  • Medical Data, images and Test reports can be shared online with the doctors for a quick analysis and opinion
  • Reports on vital parameters of the body like heart rate, pulse rate, BP readings, Sugar levels and Blood Oxygen levels can be communicated immediately with the doctors.
  • Track test results and treatment status online
  • Get reminders on the frequency of critical tests the patient is likely to undergo
  • Managing the health of senior citizens and elderly at home

How Amazing Care Assist can be of excellent support?

Since its inception, Amazing Care Assist has been caring for the growing needs of our community. The motto of this innovative Healthcare Centre is to deliver exceptional healthcare services to every patient, every day. Healing hands and caring hearts at Amazing Care Assist are here to support you with high quality TeleHealth Services, right in the comforts of your residence.

  • We know that there is a shortage of good physicians. Through our niche technology driven TeleHealth Services, we want to bridge that gap between a patient and a good physician.
  • At Amazing Care Assist, we are aware of the pressure, which a HealthCare expense can create on the patient and his family. Through TeleHealth, we address that in a big way.
  • Some of the best doctors across the globe form a part of our competent network and hence you can expect nothing but the best service from us.
  • Patient satisfaction is our USP and all we strive for is just Patient satisfaction.

Keep in Mind

Expertise, Technology and Humanity is what Amazing Care Assist is all about. To experience the next level in HealthCare, reach out to us and we will see that you are taking care of, the best possible way.