Proactive Monitoring

We continue to witness the staggering changes that technology has brought in to the global business sector. While every Industrial sector continues to adopt and adapt to these changes, the Healthcare sector too is under rapid transformation. Today, with the advent of Mobile Apps, life looks far more organized, though we are aware of the fact that technology by itself is not short of uncertainties, due to either foreseen or unforeseen glitches. The Healthcare domain, to its credit too, has seen a mobile app being introduced to promote its wide variety of services. One of the most attractive and eye catching contribution from technology to the welfare of the society is Proactive Remote Health Monitoring.

What is Proactive Monitoring?

Proactive Monitoring in medical terms refers to a conversation between a particular healthcare service provider and a patient, on an on-going basis. This helps the provider to keep analysing a patient’s health condition on a regular basis and prevent the risk of life threatening emergencies. Proactive Remote Health Monitoring sees Healthcare teams stay connected with their patients, especially those who are vulnerable and at risk, on a regular basis, and discuss about conditions, diagnostics, and treatment protocols while encouraging preventive measures.

Why implement Proactive care?

The pandemic has exposed the weakness in the global healthcare industry to quite an extent. The fear of contacting the virus has made many healthcare experts, across various domains, to re-think on the way forward. Though Remote Health Monitoring is not entirely new, the significance of it today is much greater, as it is seen as one of the potent forces, to counter the raging pandemic. Additionally, making an industry wide shift to rigorous, consistent proactive care has helped clinicians, diagnose risk factors earlier, to improve outcomes and save lives.

How has Amazing Care Assist redefined Healthcare?

Many patients, who feel sick, may at times, forget to check their vitals, take their medications on time, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet or even schedule follow-up appointments with their doctors. The reason may be due to their mental frame of mind, especially when they are not doing well. This is where Amazing Care Assist, has made a visible difference. With a versatile clinical team consisting of some of the best doctors, though based in different locations, Amazing Care Assist can regularly monitor patient’s health. This helps patient’s establish excellent relations and depend on us as their trustworthy Healthcare partners. The best advantage in associating with Amazing Care Assist is that our distinguished medical team is a composition of many seasoned experts, spread across different health domains. The main responsibilities of our Proactive Health Monitoring Teams at Amazing Care Assist include,

  • Engage in on going, consistent communication with our patients
  • Keep a track of their vital parameters such as BP, ECG, SpO2 and Glucose Level on an on-going basis
  • Using Advanced Medical Software, collect symptom descriptions or vital sign readings to identify warnings that may require a check-up.
  • Any minor deviation will trigger an alert to the patient and our local team
  • If patients are diagnosed or placed on the radar for a developing condition, they receive sensitive data and management tactics, so they can become care plan partners.
  • Interacting regularly with patients and observing their behavioural changes
  • Scheduling follow-ups with their medical consultants help prevent critical issues from developing.
  • Arrange meal and oxygen delivery, home health, or physical therapy when needed.

Keep in Mind

Proactive Remote Healthcare Monitoring has been an absolute revelation as far the next generation Healthcare system is concerned. To know how this trust-generating communication can foster more productive outpatient visits and fruitful wellness checks, call us or meet us today at Amazing Care Assist, your trusted Healthcare and Wellness partner.