Home Nursing Services


Home Nursing Services

As humans, we are all aware of the fact that, we are susceptible to variations in our health conditions. This can happen at any point of time. It becomes all the important in case our loved ones are senior citizens or those who cannot move about with freedom. This is when you require the services of those committed professionals, who can give your loved ones, the care and attention you can trust. It can happen best when you choose Home Nursing Services because care begins at home.

What do you understand by Home Nursing Services?

As the name suggests, Home Nursing Services constitute all those essential medical services, which can be provided to a patient, within the comforts of his/her residence and without the need for frequent visits to hospital. One of the major advantages with Home Nursing Services is an opportunity for certified and trained Healthcare experts to become one with the patient’s family and develop an emotional bond with each other.

Home Nursing Services are usually provided by qualified and registered nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who are well trained to meet emergencies of small magnitude and offer immediate attention.

What are the different types of Services offered under Home Nursing Services?

The main goal of Home Nursing Services is to extend high quality medical services to patients from the comforts of their home. For simple understanding, Home Nursing Services can be categorised into 2 types:

  • Short duration nursing services: These services involve short term medical care; usually of the likes of surgical aftercare, immediate attention for a small domestic injury or short term care to handle small illnesses. The duration is likely to last not more than 3 hours.
  • long duration nursing services: The services here usually last for anywhere between 12 to 36 hours to begin with. These services are usually designed for patients who might need a longer recovery time and are susceptible to frequent health variations. Physically disabled people also fall under this category. Sometimes, services like ECG/Echocardiography, Ventilator Services and administering medicines and injections through IV (Intravenous) are offered under long duration home care services.

What are benefits of Home Nursing Services?

The last couple of years have shown what high quality Home Nursing Services is all about. They prepare a patient mentally to face challenges from the comforts of his/her residence which can eventually turn out to be a great confidence booster. Besides being convenient than getting admitted in a hospital or nursing home, Home Nursing Services can help a patient recover faster.

How can Amazing Care Assist be of help?

Amazing Care Assist has been making its presence felt by delivering personalised home care services and building up the all-important self-confidence and will power within a patient to fight health challenges. We are well-equipped with one of the finest medical teams consisting of expert doctors, nursing staff, physiotherapists and counsellors. In addition to receiving attention at a personalised level, we are known for our abilities to:

  • To support the patient in your absence by managing diet routines
  • To help manage chronic health conditions at home thereby reducing frequent hospitalization.
  • To help patients recover faster with round the clock/ focussed attention.
  • To offer cost-effective Home Care Services; this includes post-surgical care and minor accident emergency care.
  • To establish a strong patient provider relationship which stays beyond the duration of home care services?

Keep in Mind

Amazing Care Assist has redefined Home Nursing Services with its affordable and quality driven approach. Seamlessly combining medical expertise and technology, our main objective is to see that quick and timely medical attention reaches the needy. Meet us at Amazing Care Clinic to explore more about this stress free Healthcare Program.