Respect your independence as we offer care in the comforts of your own home.


Home Diagnostics – Improving Lives with Independence

Getting hospitalized can never be the same as receiving medical treatment at home. After all, the comforts of home can never be replicated in full in any hospital, especially for the elderly patients. However, there is little choice if a patient needs immediate medical attention in the form of a surgical intervention or intense observation. In this case, a hospital stay becomes very important.

But once the patient gets discharged from the hospital and requires continued and long term medication at home, it requires an intense planning and preparation at home, for both patient and their care takers. It is vital to restore independence in order to revitalise a patient’s life, as he would any time prefer getting cured at home, instead of getting hospitalised again. This is where Amazing Care Assist, a medical centre of displaying exemplary human values, has made waves in Home Patient Care and Home Diagnostics.

How Home Healthcare Helps?

When you think about home, the first thing that strikes you is, getting that all important freedom to be independent. Most of the patients would give this as a reason to get treated at home. More importantly, environment too plays a huge role in influencing the mind of a patient, which can subsequently speed up his rehabilitation process. Here are some more proven facts why Home Health Care is always the first choice.

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  • Compassionate care and good attention towards a patient by family members at home, with support from quality nursing, can play a big role in the patient regaining good health faster.
  • Home Healthcare can help you get back to your natural environment which too is essential to work on a patient’s mental fitness.
  • Another very critical part that helps in patient recovery is proper nutrition and diet. This can be arranged with greater frequency while getting treated at home.
  • Everything said and done, a hospital atmosphere is still a hospital atmosphere, where many other patients, also get treated, for various types of illnesses. There are facts to prove that seeing another patient suffer can have an effect on that patient’s health, on road to recovery. This is avoided at home.

How Amazing Care Assist Supports?

Offering comfort and assistance to patients, Amazing Care Assist has an excellent network of expertise, ready to deliver high quality home care. Making a difference in people’s lives by ensuring their good health has been the motto of Amazing Care Assist.

  • We organise a complete health check program for senior citizens, right in the comfort of their residence, by facilitating the collection of samples.
  • Medical care experts at Amazing Care proactively monitor the health of patients at home by keeping a track of the patient’s vital parameters like, BP, ECG, SPO2 and Glucose levels, on an on-going basis, through sophisticated medical equipment.
  • Any minor deviation or variation in these parameters will trigger an alert to you and our medical team.
  • When alerted, Emergency and Personal Care Doctors and Nurses will lose no time in immediately reaching the patient’s residence and offering assistance.
  • Amazing Care Assist has an excellent network of medical professionals who can facilitate nursing/ ambulatory services, from the nearest hospitals, to your loved ones, at your residence.
  • If any of your loved ones have undergone major surgeries then Amazing Care Assist can facilitate 12/24 hour Nursing Services, to take care of the patient.
  • Subsequently, to speed up the rehabilitation of the patients, we can organize visits by Physiotherapists and Yoga Therapists, right there to meet you at your residence.

Keep in Mind

A passion for putting patients first and caring with a heart is what Amaz- ing Care Assist is all about. We treat our patients like our family.