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Fall Alert Systems –
An Investment as precious as Investing in Gold

Life is very precious. We all know that. However, we also know that life is not a walk in the park. At various stages in life, we face different challenges, which include health challenges. While we need to be cautious at every stage as health hazards don’t come with a prior intimation, one thing which we need to be extremely careful is about suffering an accidental fall.

What can cause and accidental fall?

Fall can be caused due to various reasons. These include:

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When compared to the youth, fall is most commonly observed in senior citizens. The elderly at home may suffer from fall, not just due to some of the reasons mentioned above, but also due to something like a slippery floor at home. Now, especially if you are a senior citizen, you must be thinking, if at all there was something which could alert us on suffering an accidental fall, it would just be great. Call it a coincidence! Your prayers have just been answered by one of the best medical alert system from Amazing Care Assist, an innovative Health Care Centre with a difference.

The Fall Alert System – A Master class from Amazing Care Assist.

The Fall Alert System from Amazing Care Assist is just what the doctor ordered. This medical device for senior citizens is a successful combination of features, performance and value. The type can vary with the technology used behind it. You could either wear it around your neck or waist or around your wrist, just like a wrist watch.

How does the Fall Alert System Work?

The fall alert system works on the basis of powerful sensors, which can closely catch the possibilities of an individual in a crisis situation. If you do suffer a fall, then all you need to do is press the alert button on the device, which alerts our medical assistance team through a system. If your watch detects that you’re not moving after a hard fall, it immediately calls your emergency contact and shares your location. The situation is then assessed and, if required, medical personnel are dispatched or family members are contacted.

How Amazing Care Assist supports you?

Compared to similar types of devices which are available, you will see a visible difference, when it comes to associating with Amazing Care Assist for medical support. Where we make the all-important difference is:

  • By suggesting the best and the most budget friendly option, based on your health condition, after taking the opinions from our seasoned medical experts.
  • With a firm commitment to offer a Comprehensive Healthcare Service.
  • Any fall alert device for your loved one is recommended only after going through recommended tests and proven, guaranteed results.
  • Proactive Remote Health monitoring and immediate medical attention from seasoned doctors.

Keep In Mind

Getting over from the trauma due to an accidental fall can be very challenging. Hence, pick up your phone and reach out to us at Amazing Care Assist. We will prepare you to face challenges and come out healthy and successful.